Choose from various maps

You can choose from a variety of maps. All are available with a single click and are installed fully automated.

Easy mod manager

Our servers support mod installation via both the ModID and the steam workshop URL. Paste in all the Mod ID’s you want installed and the Premium ARK platform will take care of the rest.

Automated mod management
All the installed mods are automatically updated, when an update is released. The in-game countdown will notify players in advance.

Automatic updates

Online players receive multiple reminders about impending updates, allowing them to prepare for a reboot.

Countdown time configuration
Determine how long a countdown period lasts, including 60, 30, 15 or 5 minutes, or as soon as possible.

Pre-configured servers

Get a running start by using one of our pre-configured servers. Choose your favourite settings and get started immediately. Optionally adjust the settings afterwards to customise the experience. See available configurations »

International Cross ARK cluster

Our flexible infrastructure allows you to effortlessly connect servers in North America and Europe in a Cross ARK cluster.

Travel anywhere, anytime
We ensure automatic, robust synchronisation of servers, regardless of their physical location.

Try before… a raptor eats you

Launch a free demo server for an hour and put our servers to the test.
No payment credentials required


Config templates

No more endless copying and pasting config files. Turn your existing config files into Config Templates and assign a Template to one or multiple servers. Changes made to one Template immediately propagate to all attached servers.

Switch templates anytime
Active templates can be switched in and out with the click of a button.


Direct FTP access

Make the hassle-free move to Premium ARK from your current system using our Direct FTP Access. You can find your unique FTP details on your server’s dashboard.

Launch a demo server

No credit card required.

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