“PremiumARK.com is doing things that I haven’t seen anyone else do, on levels I haven’t seen anyone else do.”

– typeForced

(duration approx. 13 min.)

Features we’re proud of…

Community website
The Community website has an integrated webshop (automated in-game delivery) and forum. It shows in-game characters and progress. More details »

Admin tools
Keeping track of bad guys is very easy with your admin tools. Search logs and quickly ban players with just a click. More details »

Dedicated Premium ARK servers
Premium Cloud servers are fully automated. Using only 4.5 – 5Ghz CPU’s guarantee unmatched performance. And best of all, its fully dedicated to you. More details »

Self-hosted machines
Connect your self-hosted dedicated (SoYouStart/OVH) machine to Premium ARK, which gives you access to all the tools at a nice discount! More details »

What we do

We build tools. Not just any tools: tools that work for you. We love automating processes/jobs nobody likes doing. Because we can (or at least we think we can)!

Working from Amsterdam (NL), we like to challenge the established gameserver providers and server tools with new ideas.

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