Simple, transparent pricing
Dedicated servers

Premium ARK servers

Basic Most popular PRO
CPU speed 3.5Ghz - 4.2Ghz 4.5Ghz - 5Ghz
Dedicated Yes Yes
Slot limit 255 255
Powerfull servers for events, testing, development and small communities. The best hardware that can host 100+ concurrent players, without issues.
Starting € 14.99 p/m € 34.99 p/m

Bring your own

Up to 10 gameservers for a fixed fee
Automated installation
OVH & SoYouStart supported
€ 9.99 p/m

48-hour trial on your first server (excl. Rent-per-Day)

No slot limits

Instant access!

Dedicated resources

Most gameserver providers use shared resources. This works fine when you have no neighbours, but can have a big impact when your neighbour is running a very busy server.

Premium ARK offers dedicated resources, so your neighbour can not ‘borrow’ your resources.

Our servers use the best available hardware and we’re constantly working on improving our hosting infrastructure.

Intel CPU’s (i7-7700K) Quality DDR4 RAM
High speed SSD / NVMe Disk 1000 Mbit burst speed

Secure payments

Secure payments via PayPal and 5+ major credit cards.

Trial period
Every account starts with 48-hour trial on your first server.
No questions asked, feedback much appreciated!

Automatic back-up

Rest easy knowing that save-file backups are automatically made twice a day. Backups are removed after 7 days.


Long-term storage

No time to play? Our servers save your progress for up to 2 months at no extra charge, even when you have no active servers. So you can pick up exactly where you left off.


No slot limit

We don’t believe in slot limits – you pay us for a server, not the slot limit. You determine when it’s time for a strong server and we make it happen.



A snapshot is like a photo of your server, enabling you to reset to that exact moment at a later time. Included in our standard pricing is a max. of 4 private snapshots.


International Cross ARK clusters

Our flexible infrastructure allows you to effortlessly connect servers in North America and Europe in a Cross ARK cluster.


DDoS protection

All our game servers and web platforms are equipped with a DDoS mitigation system, able to withstand attacks of up to 500Gbps. Our web platform has double protection.


Multi datacenter

Create game servers in North America or Europe. At your request, your servers can be transferred between data centers.


No technical skills?

You don’t need any technical skills to get a server running here. We’ll proof it to you with our free demo server.
No payment credentials required