ARK Community website

  • Website builder
  • Automated shop for in-game delivery
  • Easy PayPal donations
  • Character and Tribe pages
  • Online tribelogs per tribe
  • Direct messages via website
  • Webalarms via e-mail
  • Incl. premiumark.net subdomain
  • Available for self-hosted servers too

Integrated admin tools

  • Kick & Ban across all your servers
  • Chatlog with search
  • Broadcast to one or multiple servers
  • Add notes per player
  • See who was online during a raid
  • Browse tribes + log
  • Dino & Item Replacement tools
  • Search for characters, users and tribes

Automated dedicated servers

  • 10+ maps, switch any time
  • Easy mod manager
  • Automatic update (inc. mods)
  • In-game countdown
  • Pre-configured servers available
  • Connected EU & NA servers in a cluster
  • Config templates
  • Schedule updates, restarts etc.

Explorer the admin panel

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